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  • 18 years professional experience
  • C# / .NET, Go (Golang)
  • Originally from a C and C++ background; open to learning other languages
  • Hands-on development and architecture/system design
  • Equally happy to contribute in a team member, technical lead, or architect position


  • Rattz Jr., Joseph C. (2009). New York, NY: Apress.



  • General:
    • Multithreaded / concurrent applications
    • Distributed systems (workloads, messaging, RPC, consensus)
    • HTTP API design / RESTful Services
    • CQRS / SOLID principles
    • Full-development lifecycle and agile methodologies
    • Performance and memory profiling/tuning
  • .NET:
    • ASP.NET MVC, Web API, WCF, Razor Views
    • WPF/XAML/MVVM, Windows Forms
    • StructureMap, Autofac, Dapper, Entity Framework
    • NUnit, MSTest, Moq
  • Databases / Datastores:
    • MS SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, SQLite, BoltDB, Elasticsearch
    • Schema design and T-SQL
  • Distributed Messaging:
    • NSQ (contributor)
  • Source Control:
    • Git, TFS, Perforce, Subversion, ClearCase, Source Depot


  • Responsible for a rewrite of the commercial side of with a focus on improving performance, reliability, and scalability. Team grew from 6 people in the US to 5 feature teams in the US, Dublin and Bangalore.
  • Replaced NServiceBus messaging infrastructure with NSQ to address stability issues and improve operational capabilities. Wrote a .NET client library called NsqSharp which is open source on GitHub.
  • Improved performance of various backend systems throughout the organization.
  • Migrated codebase and development/release process from TFS to GitHub Enterprise. Trained local and offshore teams who were new to Git; wrote tutorials and documentation.
  • Code Reviews. Implemented a code review process through Pull Requests which increased inter-team knowledge, improved design, and caught defects before commit while aiming to keep developers productive.
  • Interviews. Developed a successful phone interview strategy which led to a high percentage of in-person interviews resulting in a hire.
  • Eventually Consistent Materialized Views. Still in proof-of-concept phase, this system takes a relational database such as MS SQL Server and reads DML/DDL (updates, inserts, deletes, schema changes) and transforms them into an ordered log of events. Developers are able to create SQL queries against this system which gets parsed into a DAG and operates on a bounded window of time (usually seconds). The results can be chained to create higher order views and ultimately stored in a key-value store for quick retrieval. The key-value store backs internal services which can tolerate eventual consistency but are latency sensitive, and often the store is used to contain full JSON models for XHR requests or even rendered HTML. Improved response time was a major goal; other goals included traceable data lineage, reasoning about data flow, replayability to pinpoint where a transformation issue occurred, and addressing issues from using high throughput messaging and a database as a “shared mutable state” to denormalize constantly changing data. Inspired by Kafka, Spark, Samza, and the Resilient Distributed Datasets whitepaper. Written in Go.
  • Cross-Organizational Design/Architecture.
  • C#, Go, WCF, Web API, NSQ, NServiceBus, SQL, NUnit, MSTest, Moq, Dapper, StructureMap, Autofac, AutoMapper.
  • Developed a Video On Demand applications (CinemaNow) for Xbox 360 and Windows 8 using C# and WPF/XAML with the MVVM pattern.
  • Responsible for the structuring of the application layers.
  • Mentored peers in C#, WPF/Silverlight, MVVM pattern, WCF, and unit tests.
  • Developed automation tools for development, testing, and business units.
  • Consistently met deadlines and made process and tool recommendations to increase productivity.
  • C#, WPF, Silverlight, XAML, MVVM, IoC, WCF, Web API, SQL, Entity Framework, HTML, JS, CSS, AngularJS, WinJS, NUnit, MSTest.
  • Developed a modular Silverlight 4 application using MVVM for the medical industry with a WCF and SQL Server backend.
  • Developed custom templated controls.
  • Involved in project planning, task creation, and requirements gathering.
  • Mentored peers and interviewed candidates.
  • C#, Silverlight, XAML, Prism, Unity, MEF, Telerik, WCF.
  • Technical lead on a team of 20 developing a WPF application for municipal courts.
  • Worked closely with process owners and business analysts to define requirements.
  • Release planning including task creation, estimation, and assignment.
  • Responsible for development in the service layer, view-model, and XAML.
  • C#, WPF, XAML, MVVM, WCF, Entity Framework, SQL, MSTest, Unity, Telerik, Scrum methodology.
  • Technical lead for a team of four developing a Silverlight medical application.
  • Worked on eBay’s Windows Phone 7 application pre-launch.
  • Responsible for requirements gathering, planning, developing UI and middle tier.
  • Communicated with stakeholders to ensure expectations and timelines were met.
  • C#, Silverlight, XAML, MEF, Prism, Windows Phone.
  • Developed a Microsoft Surface (now called Microsoft PixelSense) application for a medical company. Completed application from conception to sign off on a 5 week deadline.
  • Actively communicated with end client and vendors to ensure on time delivery.
  • C#, WPF, XAML, Surface SDK.
  • Developed a public facing social/content oriented website.
  • Developed in UI, middle tier, backend, database schema design and T-SQL.
  • Mentored others in development practices and process.
  • Developed unit tests.
  • Consistently met challenging deadlines.
  • C#, ASP.NET MVC, IoC, SQL Server, MSTest, HTML/CSS/JS, jQuery.
  • Developed a document management and imaging system.
  • Integrated with existing legal applications and databases.
  • Integrated with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and barcode reading software.
  • Developed a close working relationship with the business and a solid understanding of their process to effectively define business requirements.
  • C#, Windows Forms, SQL Server, DevExpress.
  • Developed applications for Microsoft Surface (now called Microsoft PixelSense).
  • Learned the Surface SDK and quickly became a productive member of the team.
  • Met deadlines and proactively followed up on issues prior to CES ship date.
  • Trained outside vendors and new employees on the Surface SDK.
  • Conducted code reviews.
  • C#, WPF, XAML, Windows Forms, DirectX.
  • Developed a trade management and risk analysis application.
  • Responsible for UI, business logic, data access layer, database schema and stored procedures.
  • Worked directly with the business unit to define requirements.
  • C#, Windows Forms, SQL Server.
  • Developed a real-time trade capture system in the investment banking division.
  • Extensive use of multithreading.
  • C#, Windows Forms, DevExpress.
  • Developed Windows and web applications including a trade management and risk analysis application, rules based commissions calculation application, and public facing loan officer websites.
  • Implemented SOX compliance including auditing and separation of duties.
  • Responsible for UI, web services, data access layer, database schema and stored procedures.
  • Performed a significant role in the architectural and design changes for incorporating additional data sources related to company/data acquisitions.
  • Actively involved in up-front analysis and requirements gathering.
  • C#, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, SQL Server, C/C++.
  • Details available upon request.
  • C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C/C++, ATL/COM, VB6, Classic ASP, SQL Server 7/2000, MySQL, R:BASE.



Microsoft Certified - Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures (70-100)


References available upon request.